About the Instructor
Join Judy Waltz as she shares her knowledge and love for Essentrics
in this dynamic strengthening course. Judy has participated in many
exercise disciplines throughout her life, from teaching the original
Aerobic Dancing to Jazzercise, Yoga, Pilates and Zumba. A registered
nurse for over 36 years, Judy recently retired to explore and share her
love of tness and the cutting-edge Essentrics program.
What Judy’s Students Have to Say
Aging Backwards with Essentrics
This dynamic workout will activate all your muscles, free your joints, and increase mobility. Essentrics’
easy-to-follow full-body technique works through your muscle chains, liberating and empowering your
muscles to relieve them from tension and help you feel more energetic.
Essentrics draws on the owing movements of tai chi which create health and balance, the
strengthening theories behind ballet which create lean and exible muscles, and the healing principles
of physiotherapy which create a pain-free body.
Create a youthful feeling body
Help relieve pain
Unlock tight muscles and joints
Increase exibility and mobility
Treat and prevent back pain
Strengthen the spine and core
Improve posture
Provide tone, lean, dened muscles
Perfect for injury recovery and prevention,
pain relief, and stress release.
Essentrics dynamically combines
strengthening and stretching to develop
a strong, toned body and enhances your
ability of moving joints and muscles freely
with a full range of motion.
“Essentrics with Judy
has truly changed my
attitude about exercise.
It is set to a friendly
pace and Judy is a joy
to follow along with! She
is very supportive and
personal. I look forward
to class every week and
feeling the results.”
Brittany Strong
“My 8 weeks of Essentrics
has resulted in marked
improvement in my energy
level and pain reduction.
I had severe pain from
Achilles Tendinitis and
a twisted knee, with my
pain varying from mild to
severe. My pain is now
gone, I’m pain free.”
Sherrie Jones
“I was beginning to think the pain and
stiness from a year-old leg injury
was the new reality. Then Judy came
along and changed my world with
Essentrics. Judy’s enthusiasm with
Essentrics is contagious. My posture,
exibility and strength have improved in
just a short period of time. I leave each
of Judy’s classes with renewed energy
and condence. Thank You Judy.”
Dianne Troester